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433 MHz Draadloze Gas Sensor voor Vcare Smart Alarm beveiligingssysteem met Kolen Gas, Aardgas en Pettroleum Gas Detectie

Hot wire type sensor
Easy installation and maintenance
Modernized design
Detect all sorts of combustible gases, LPG and LNG include city gas
Ideal for all kitchens
Excellent reliability & high stability
Self test function
Durable sensor head
Less affected by other organic solvent
High accuracy
AC-DC adaptor included
Loud sound signal of 85dB at alarm mode
Three year limited warranty
Suitable for the safety valve
Power source: 220/110 V AC
Sensitivity: 10%LEL
Power consumption: 1.7w
Operating temperature: -10c – 50c
Ambient humidity: less than 95%RH
Horn level: 75 Decibels at 10 feet
Standby mode: green LED on
Alarm mode: red LED flashes and acoustic alarm
Type of gas sensed: natural gas, town gas, carbon monoxide, LPG
Size: 122*80*40m
Parcel list:
1 x Wireless gas detector

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