Terms & Conditions


1. In-Home Deliveries

The following are answers to ordinarily made inquiries about Avatar deliveries:

1.1 Delivery times:

The time required is to setup your request for delivery.Maximum time might reach up to 1-2 days in case of distant address, whereas minimum delivery time can be 4 hrs.

1.2 Delivery receiving:

You need to sign up to receive delivery. Confirmation call will be made by us before receiving. In case of unavailability, your recommended person will receive order. Delivery is free of cost but in case of non-receiving, redelivery charges will be paid by customer.

1.3 Change in destination:

Destination address cannot be changed once online request is placed. To change address one made must be cancelled and placed order again.

1.4 Issue in delivery:

Confirm your order on receiving in accordance to your request. In case of any issue/inquiry notify us instantly within 24 hours. On late informed, your complaint won’t be entertained.

2. Returns and Cancelations

2.1 Return Policy

Before ordering a product on Avatar the buyer is advised to check the return policy for this particular product on the product page. Take a look at the listing description. Return accepted within 3 days, only for damaged or wrong product.

2.2 Cancelation Policy

Delivery Method: Parcel

If you a requesting to cancel your order, you must contact us within 2hrs from the time the order was placed.



Basic Warranty Plan:

The warranty on the avatar product for 1 year. During the warranty period, the avatar, at its option, will repair or replace any device defect in its avatar product without additional charges. The avatar basic warranty doesnot include any physical damage caused by fire, short circuit or any other external and internal damages. Unless specified, the repair and the exchange condition will follow the terms and conditions of the basic warranty. All original items replaced in the performance of services will become avatar property and new and replacement parts will become the property of customers.

How to get services:

  • For service, contact the customer service office 111-611-117.
  • Customer must produce proof of warranty if necessary.


Avatar shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages losses or expenses arising directly or indirectly, from the purchased use or sale of avatar product whether or not avatar was advice or aware of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. With the exception of avatar liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law, Avatar’s liability to customer under the extended warranty shall not exceed the price paid by the customer for the Samsung product.