Home automation or connected home

Home automation or connected home or “smart home”, refers to all connected objects of a house. Intelligently manage heating, water, to optimize the energy efficiency of a building and the comfort of its inhabitants, secure places with alarm systems, help the elderly or disabled people on a daily basis, these are the main issues of home automation.


Today, the various connected objects of the house are no longer satisfied with being automated and controllable; they interact together to provide residents of smart homes a real comfort of use, gain security and optimize the energy consumption of buildings .

In practical terms, home automation consists of networking various connected devices in a house and centralizing the controls. These devices are already often existing: radiators, ventilation to which we add the means to communicate within the house. Each device is connected with others via pairing, which involves pairing two or more devices together. This pairing allows for example to tell a switch which group of devices it will have to turn on. Pairing can be done directly between two objects, or via a home automation box that serves as an intermediary.

Each group of devices can be controlled via one or more applications on devices such as smartphone, tablet, computer or remote control. It is this application which, at a distance, makes it possible to transmit a request.

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