How to supplement these measures dedicated to the security of the house?

Installing a home alarm effectively complements these preventive measures. Its daily use obeys the same advice of common sense: we set up the alarm system when we leave the house and we take care of activating the access protection at bedtime, so that the house is safe. Avatar’s smart home alarm systems have been specifically designed to make these operations as transparent as possible. The remote control allows you, for example, to activate the alarm of your bed in case of forgetting, while the smart badges allow each member of the family to arm or disarm the alarm without effort at each entry or exit from the house. The Vcare mobile app, available on smartphones and tablets, extends convenience and allows convenient management from the office, car or resort.

An effective alarm and some good habits help to deter thieves from taking an interest in your home, which also reduces the risk of theft, attempted robbery or theft. Unless you know of a particularly attractive booty in your home, thieves are not particularly interested in visiting your home if they are occupied and protected by a high-performance alarm system. The allusion to a 24/7 remote monitoring service is an additional deterrent: this is why Avatar Smart Homes encourages you to use the stickers and the metal information plate that announce the presence of a security system. Alarm connected.

To deepen everything related to home security and housing protection, the following articles explain in more detail what to do before going on vacation. They are also exploring other welcome tips to protect their home on a daily basis and are interested in the more specific topic of the outside environment of the home.

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